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Shen Jiang Daily News is a bilingual digital editorial project that moves the story of Macbeth into the form of a news website.

Shen Jiang Daily

Editorial Design



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Crucial events in the play Macbeth are written in the form of headlines to build a narrative from a different perspective. Inspired by Sleep No More, an immersive threat that is based on Macbeth and located in both Shanghai and New York, I move the setting to Shanghai’s concession in the 1920s.

By researching archives of newspapers in 1920, outlined text boxes are one of the most apparent elements, so in Shen Jiang Daily many sections contain outlined boxes to mimic newspapers in that time. The reading order in Chinese newspapers was vertical in the 1920s. To make the bilingual design more cohesive, all the texts are in horizontal reading order, while some decorative sections use a vertical layout. 


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