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Milk — Butter is a branding project that captures the joy of sharing food through unique, bilingual packaging. 

Milk— Butter


Package Design


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If the Chinese name of butter is directly translated, it means yellow oil. The name on the package, which is milk and oil, means cream in Chinese. The naming of butter and cream in Chinese is confusing, which also reflects the unfamiliarity with western food. The branding of the project plays with the translation and the butter-making process. Moreover, icons are a universal way of understanding. By using visual symbols the butter-making process could be expressed more clearly for any audience regardless of what language they speak.

Packages for each favor have different color palettes that contain two same colors. The mosaic patterns provide hints about favors. On salted butter mosaic pattern, there are tiny white dots that represent salts. For the pattern for cultured butter, the squares have round corners that indicate the softness of cultured butter.


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